Bookmobile Babe | Portland, Oregon

The Bookmobile Babe - Portland, Oregon

Help us build shelves to hold Scarlett's books!

Children with Scarlett

Thanks for helping us buy a new Japanese Fire Truck after our old bookmobile got stolen last summer. Now we need to build bookshelves for Scarlett, the JFT Bookmobile!

Our goal is $5,000 to buy the supplies and labor needed to build the shelves.

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We plan on driving Scarlett all over Portland, Oregon this summer, delivering free and diverse books to kids in book deserts and parks. Please help us and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Christie Quinn
Executive Director, Bookmobile Babe

Bookmobile events


Lents Cultural Fair

Lents International Farmers Market

Scarlett will be there giving away free books for all ages!

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Sep 29
Fall in love with Lents, Lents Town Center
Sep 30
Fall in love with Lents, Lents Town Center

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